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BelSilo KS chain conveyors as part of the grain drying complex perform the transportation service in horizontal and floor-inclined (at an angle of up to 10 degree to horizontal plane) direction for all types of grain, granules, seeds, biomass and used bulk materials with a maximum grain size of no more than 10 mm and with an initial moisture content of up to 30%. They are used in technological lines of warehouses, feed mills, flour mills, biomass warehouses and oil and fat factories. The use of the BelSilo conveyors is widespread in agriculture where grain integrity and quality are important. BelSilo guarantees the strength and reliability of its products by using materials used of the highest quality.

To provide grain cleaning complexes with transport equipment, BelSilo manufactures scraper chain conveyors (KS) with a capacity ranging from 20 to 200 t/h. A scraper or “chain” conveyor is a continuous transporting mechanism in which the movement of the original or processed grain occurs along a fixed chute using scrapers fixed on a traction chain and immersed in a layer of bulk cargo.

ВelSilo Conveyor KS kit includes:

1. Drive unit: 

  • Frame made of 2 mm thick galvanized steel S350GD
  • Plunging gear motor
  • Drive shaft with conveyor sprocket
  • Frequency converter
  • Safety valve (optional)
  • Sensors for speed, product backflow, open circuit (optional)
  • Chains
  • Unloading window

2. Unloading unit:

  • Dump valves 

3. Linear section:

  • Has a box shape 
  • Lined bottom (lining material – polyamide 10 mm, antistatic coating)
  • Support rollers for the upper scraper line
  • Chains

4. Loading unit:

  • Branch pipe
  • Tension mechanism
  • Redler shutter
  • Unloading window with back-pressure valve (reversible design)

5. Tension section:

  • Sheet galvanized steel 2 mm
  • Pulling chain with scrapers (polymer version)
  • Tension roller on axle
  • Tensioning mechanism

BelSilo manufactures three types of scraper chain conveyors:

1. Straight

2. Inclined

3. For the receiving hopper

ВelSilo KS Conveyors Advantages:

  • Reducing energy consumption for movement and increasing product reliability due to the use of polymer materials with a low coefficient of friction.
  • Easy conveyor assembly and high precision of its components.
  • Possibility to convey the product with temperatures up to 100 ⁰C.
  • Alloy steel application of grades Steel 45, Steel 40X, Steel 40XH with subsequent heat treatment, in loaded parts of drive and tension stations.
  • Completion with an imported and domestic fork or plate chains with welded scrapers and polymer linings.
  • Possibility of completing with manual and automatic shutters with the layout according to the project.
  • The complexity of maintenance during operation is minimized due to the use of design solutions: collapsible sprockets and rollers, easily removable covers, and inspection hatches.
  • Gentle mode of grain products transportation at speeds not exceeding 0.7 m/s.
  • The chain tensioner has a synchronizer for the rotation of the tensioning screws.
  • Safety sensors in the basic configuration: product backflow and chain open circuit sensor. 


Uniform loading is ensured by precise settings, equal pitch, and stable operation of the conveyor moving elements. In case of the conveyor overflow, the unloading funnel clogging, a grain back pressure sensor is provided.

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Get a free pre-design solution?

Leave a request and our managers will contact you.