Зернохранилища из шведской стали



Our company began its activities with maintenance and installation services. Our experience resulted in proper understanding of technology choice. We participated in projects of leading world brands and have revealed strong and weak sides in their equipment. Based on this experience we have created the best modern production.

We are glad to invite our clients on a tour over the production site, having a chance to visit the implemented projects that were created by BelSilo, to “touch” and see everything with their own eyes. Our products are Grain Storage Silos made of galvanized steel with a life time up to 100 years. We take a responsible approach to production, strictly adhere standards and technologies, which is typical of Belarusian quality. Excellent results are confirmed by numerous customer reviews, more than 30% of whom contact us on the recommendation. Our Silos have a number of advantages over competitors' analogs. Vertical stiffeners in the structure of the Belsilo silos are arranged by a staggered pattern, which significantly increases the strength of the silo cylinder. Steel structures can withstand magnitude 9 earthquakes, 320 kg / m² snow load and 170 km / h wind load.

We invite you to cooperate with us. Together we will increase the efficiency of your business!

Our goal:

Maximum return on your investment. We work together to optimize your business and achieve its high profitability.


We create the best design solutions through the analysis of specific customer needs, to build high-tech, reliable, inexpensive grain storage facilities, transport and grain drying equipment that meet the needs of farmers and households around the world.


Is to become a leading supplier of grain storage facilities in Belarus, the CIS and the African continent, create a network of joint ventures and provide high-quality and durable equipment to all agricultural industries in need.


Professionalism, responsibility, accessibility, respect for people and their cultures.

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Need advice from our specialists?

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