Зернохранилища из шведской стали


BelSilo manufactures shaft grain dryers (BS model) that are ideal for post-harvest drying of all types of grain and oil crops (wheat, corn, rapeseed, sunflower, etc.) with an initial moisture content of up to 30%.

Capacity varies from 15 to 60 t/h.

BelSilo grain dryers can be equipped with a heat exchanger with a burner for both liquid and gas fuel. Belsilo grain dryers have a unique feature: the optional possibility of including a heat recovery system into the drying process, when heated air returns back to the dryer. This function allows reducing gas consumption by more than 25%. Moreover, cyclo-fans can be additionally installed in the equipment to remove dust from the outlet channel.

BelSilo grain dryers with a two-stage drying mode (shaft grain dryers) consist of two drying shafts made of prefabricated metal structures. Each shaft is divided in height into 3 functional zones. The first zone (heating) is located in the upper part of the shaft, the second is the middle zone of direct drying, and the third is the cooling zone occupies the lower part of the shaft.

You can find out the cost and get more detailed information about BelSilo grain dryers by clicking on the More info button. Our experts will be happy to help you make your choice and will help to choose need technical parameters.



  1. Roof
  2. Unloading zone
  3. Drying units
  4. Cooling sections
  5. Discharge sections
  6. Unloading system
  7. Air inlet chamber
  8. Air outlet chamber
  9. Air regulation shutters
  10. Cooling air regulation shutters
  11. Heat generator with burner
  12. Intake air regulation shutters
  13. Pipe

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Get a free pre-design solution

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