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Steel Grain Storage Silos


One of priority directions of "BelSilo" activity is production, installation, repair, modernization and commissioning of grain cleaning and drying complexes.

"BELSILO" executes orders both for small complexes for private farms and for the projects of large grain producers. In the latter case, the complex represents itself as a complicated technical facility, that includes sectors of grain receiving and shipping by different types of transport. There is possibility of completing with a set of grain cleaning machines and grain drying compartment, an automated control system.

The silos of our own production with flat bottom (capacity from 300MT to 20,000MT) and cone bottom (capacity from 8MT to 1,000MT), for long-term storage of grains and oilseeds..

Silos with flat and cone bottom are designed for long-term storage of all sorts of grains: beans, maize, cerials of humidity up to 14% (rapeseed - 9%) and contamination up to 3%. Silos processing equipment are used both as part of grain cleaning and drying complexes and lines for post-harvest grain treatment, and as well as in the form of separate buildings, as part of silos of different number, arrangement, various product range of silos (by the request of the consumers, in case of necessity, we can make design and cost estimate documentation).

Technical parameters of silos with flat bottom. Manufactured in accordance with DIN 1055/87.

► Parameters are calculated from the density of the stored product 750 kg/m3;
► material — galvanized steel brand НХ260LAD, minimum thickness of zinc coating 450 g/m2;
► snow load is 240 kg/m2;
► wind load of 160 km/h;
► seismic load of 0.2 g (8 points by 12 point scale);
► body is made of high-strength corrugated galvanized steel sheets;
► galvanized external stiffeners made from high-resistance steel (hot deep galvanization);
► bi-chromed electro galvanized bolts of strength grade 8.8 ; size 10.9 equipped with sealed washers;
► tightness of connections is provided by a waterproof mastic compound.

Silos is composed of: :

► vertical ladder with safety hoops and intermediate platforms, in accordance with the safety requirements;
► ladder on the roof with safety rails;
► inspection manhole on the roof;
► enter manhole in the second layer of the silo with a ladder to the manhole and a platform in front;
► ventilation ducts in the roof;
► a set of anchor bolts;

The advantages of our roof with the rafters, made in the form of a farm::

► high resistance to vertical and lateral loads;
► as a result, a reliable roof is the unifying framework of the entire silo. A powerful, reliable arch is formed by the circumference of the silo after every 96 cm. All the bolt holes in the corrugated sheet are punched after corrugation in the same die that guarantees the coincidence of the holes during assembly. Easy and fast assembly of the roof (is made double faster than by the other manufacturers).

Capacity table of the manufactured silos with flat bottom (m3)::

Capacity table of the manufactured silos with cone bottom 45° and 60°::

The process of selecting option for silos, technological units and equipment for grain storages, includes not only a thorough analysis of your needs, but also takes into account many factors influencing the overall product quality and functionality..

We perform works on installation, repair, modernization and adjusting of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, where the products are manufactured, processed (recycled) with technological processes, accompanied by release of combustible dust with the concentration of lower explosive limit below 65 g/m3, and the substances are stored forming hot dust, in the areas with explosive zones of Class B-II, B-IIa:

► transport equipment: bucket elevators; conveyors of all types; unloading buckets of belt conveyors, rotary pipes, electric locks and fly-valves, truck loaders and unloading equipment for railway cars;

► aspiration and pneumatic conveying equipment: compressors, fans, blowers, filters, filters-cyclones, rotary valve feeders (gates), pneumatic collectors, screw feeders, cyclones, air-conditioners, receivers and airslides;

► technological grain-cleaning equipment: heap pre-cleaning separators; grain-cleaning separators; air-sieve separators, pneumatic separators and aspiration channels; aspiration columns, duo-aspirators (aspirators with a closed air cycle); stone extractors; grading reels; screeners; scalping machines; magnetic separators (columns) and electromagnetic separators;

► weighing equipment: scales, dosing-weighing devices;

► storage equipment: metal prefabricated silos (bins), equipped with thermometry, level sensors, clean-up augers, vibrators; temperature control system;

► grain drying equipment: grain-drying installations (dryers for bran; grain dryers, cleaning lines, conveying and transport equipment, ventilation and aspiration equipment);

► crushing and grinding: roller machines, hammer mills, pin-disk mills, grinders (for granules); scouring, peeling and grinding, grinding machines, roll-grinding and fluting machines, grinding roller machines, grain disinfecting machines and detachers;

► technological equipment for fodder production: installations for granulating (pelleting presses, cooling columns, grinders, sifters, sieves); extruders, expanders, steamers, steam and boiling machines, dispensers; mixers;

► technological equipment for milling and cereal production: scouring, brushing and towpath machinery; bran finishing machine; concentrators; plansifting machines, large scale separating and large scale sorting machines, sikting machines, sieve purifiers;

► weighing bagging and packaging equipment: weighing bagging and filling machines, packet forming machine;

► means of explosion protection: explode discharging devices, systems of explosion localization (high-speed valves, sensors-indicators of explosion pressure);

► means of explosion prevention: speed control relay, limit switch of open circuit, pressurization sensors, belt run-off control device, level sensors, limit switches, braking devices;

► electrical equipment and electric devices, having degree of protection IP54 and higher;

► automatic control systems and emergency protection of explosive processes on the basis of electronic-computing and (or) microprocessor technology.

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