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Over 40 Years Of Experience

Grain storage silos. The company started its activity providing services in maintenance and installation of grain storage silos in 1975.  Our experience resulted in proper understanding of technology choice, when we initiated our own updated production. We participated in projects of leading world brands and  have revealed strong and weak sides in their equipment. Based on this experience we have created the best.



► Reliable truss system of the roof withstands excessive longitudinal and transverse loads, forming plenty of arches each 96 cm
► Silos structures can withstand earthquake of 9 points, 320 kg/m2 of snow load and 170 km/h of wind load.
► Staggered arrangement of the racks (stiffeners) enhances significantly the strength of the silo cylinder.
► Our products are made of high quality steel of the world's leading brands with a designed lifetime up to 50 years.


► Management and key employees – people who have passed serious school of BelAZ. BelAZ from the Soviet era and until today holds more than 30% of the world market of mining dump trucks of load capacity from 30MT to 450MT of cargo.
► The company employs more than 100 people.

Our own production of all the cycles

► Our own design, production, delivery and installation.
► Full complete set of a project with equipment.
► We have all the required licenses and certificates. We can produce, can act as a General contractor.

New equipment

We invite clients to visit our production and the objects, so they can examine them “by touch" and see with their own eyes.
► All the holes are punched in one huge stamping machine after receiving corrugations. Adjustment or re-drilling of the holes is not required during the assembly process, that guarantees high quality of assembly.
► The main principle: "1 item in 1 approach".
► We use one of the world's best Swedish steel RUUKII/SSAB.

Our own design engineering

► Development of our own software with full visualization of all of the technical process, so the elevator can be controlled only by 1 operator. More than 20 of our own know-hows in production and automation.
► Patent №6649 for an automated system of grain drying.

Over 20% of our clients come to us upon recommendations

► We strictly adhere to the Standards and technologies, and that is specific to the Belarusian quality.
► Excellent results are confirmed by numerous customers’ testimonials, state awards and victories in national competitions.
► The customers and the governors express their gratitude to us.

Funding of the project

► Possibility of export financing, assistance in procurement through leasing, obtaining a loan, adaptation of business plan with the International Financial institutions through the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus.
► Project documentation.
► Provision of basic data for standard foundations.

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