Air-Sieve Separators


Separators SVR

Air-sieve separators are designed for primary cleaning of spiked crops, legumes, cereals and rapeseed from impurities, which differ from the main crop grain with geometric parameters and aerodynamic properties.

Technical Parameters



Capacity*, t/h


Installed power of electric motors, kW


Overall dimensions, mm:


- Drive of feeding hopper MR


- Drive of the sieve bodies MR


- Drive of feeder and discharging auger BPS


- Fan drive BPS


- Weight, kg


Overall dimensions, mm


- length


- width


- height


* - for wheat of humidity up to 20% contamination up to 10%

► Air-sieve separator includes a sieve module MP, pneumatic separating unit BPS (or pneumatic separating columns) and feed hopper (or grain flow distributors). Grain material is fed into the feed hopper and a metering mechanism evenly distributes it across the width of the sieve module, which bodies make circular oscillations, while the upper sieve separates large impurities and the bottom sieve separates weed seeds.

► Cleaning of screening segments of the sieves is performed with rubber balls. Grain material that passes the cleaning in the sieve module goes to the pneumatic separating unit. Feeder evenly sends the grain into pneumatic channel, where it undergoes selection from light impurities, which are carried away in sedimentary camera and then delivered by screw conveyor outside the machine. Cleaning of exhaust air from aspirated impurities is performed in a cyclone.

Specific features of design

► feed hopper performs dosing supply and uniform distribution of grain material across the width of the sieve bodies;

► safety cables and a built-in sensor monitoring the circular oscillation of the sieves provide a high degree of safety when operating the machine;

► aspiration of sieve bodies eliminates accumulation of light impurities within the separator;

► sieve bodies and sieve frames are made of galvanized sheet metal;

► design of sieve frameworks allows fast replacement of sieves when changing for another crop;

► independent aspiration system of open type with cleaning of exhaust air in the cyclone significantly reduces the dustiness of the working area, providing a comfortable working environment for the operator.

Grain cleaning departments, equipped with separators of different purposes and degrees of purification, are presented in the following versions:

as intended:
► pre-cleaning of grain heap (before drying);
► preparation of commodity grain;
► preparation of seeds;

according to the method of waste collection and transportation:
► with accumulating bins and wastes unloading onto vehicles;
► without accumulating bins, withdrawing fractions by the conveying mechanisms.

according to the climatic performance:
►closed type (lining of the walls with corrugated sheet);
►open type (pad with passages for service and maintenance).

Specific features of design

► fast-assembly design on bolted joints allows its transportation by any mode of transport and quickly mount at site of operation;

► department is manufactured from galvanized sheet steel.

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